Dynamic Shades

Rich Quality Leather

The Essence of leather lies in its imperfections and natural grains. It make it more durable and long lasting in its natural conditions.

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather is the most Durable layer of leather. It can survive for many years even in harsh conditions.

After using

Patina Layer

When leather comes in contact with hands and exposed to natural oil, it develops a natural shiny layer of patina enhancing its beauty. This layer also make it durable and long lasting. We use leather that will age beautifully with you.

Leather used by chirm

Full Grain pull up leather

Crazy horse leather

waxy oiled leather

burnished leather

Natural Imperfections

Natural imperfections are actually the perfect corners of leather. 

Experience the true luxury quality leather

Environmental Friendly Resources

We procure leather from most environment friendly tanneries. We are using recycled materials for crafting to play a pivotal role in sustainable environment.

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