The Desk Mat

Color: Pull up Brown


Transform your workspace with the luxury it deserve. 

This Desk Mat is Crafted from full grain leather to provide and ultimate leather experience. The Best Part is you can customise it as well.. Made from responsibly sourced, hard-wearing premium materials to ensure that they last you a lifetime of happy service.

• Handmade by expert craftsmen in Pakistan.   
• Made with our Signature Premium Full Grain Leather.
• Soft Microfibre lining.

Premium Full Grain Leather

• We use premium Full Grain Leather. These leathers will age beautifully as they form a unique patina overtime. As any noble woods, you may be able to appreciate some natural marks that shall not be deemed as defects but as a true statement of natural quality.

Perfect Desk Mat For Work Or Home Office

Our Leather Desk Mat is the perfect addition to any work space, may that be your office, a showroom, reception or even a home office. The different sizes available adapt to any work space making them versatile and adaptable to your surraundings.

Thoughtfully Designed To Protect Your Desk And Laptop

Protects both your Desk surface as well as your Laptop against bumps and scratches, moreover choose between Wool Felt for wooden surfaces or Microfibre for more slippery surfaces and ensure your workspace is always on point.

Durable, Comfortable Leather Desk Mat

Our desk mat will elevate your desk space to new heights, adding a touch of class and sophistication. The perfect organic backdrop to your tech-driven work space, and a tactile experience that relaxes the senses and gets your productive juices flowing.

Responsibly Sourced, Durable Materials

All our products are handcrafted using responsibly sourced, durable materials that have been chosen for their touch, usability, durability and other factors that makes them unique.

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